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released October 31, 2013

Track 1 & 2 written, performed, and recorded by Sphynx
Spoken sample on track 1 taken from Neil deGrasse Tyson's Nova
Additional drum programming and mixing on track 2 by Diem Exuro
Track 3 & 4 written, performed, and recorded by Diem Exuro



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Lectoblix Dayton, Ohio

My music is a chronicling of a dreaming man's journey to wake up. His encounters and experiences therein cause an inner war between staying and leaving. Will he make up his mind before his time runs out?

Blixes are magical beings whom physically appear to be human and exhume power from others through a bite. Lectoblixes stay alive by sucking the youth from their hosts.
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Track Name: Stellafera - Drawn Into The Essence
Track Name: Stellafera - Cosmic Creation
Morning sky, fades in,
Blissful dreams of the night cave-in
Returning awakened days,
Regretful moments continue to stay,
Void of desires and needs,
Things I have yet to achieve
Awaited evenings; calm, warm skin,
Hope for the next day to win,
Hidden behind the radiant sky,
Lies a sea of stars left forsaken,
A cosmos screeching an unheard cry
A citadel holding all sleeping creation
Within deep slumber lies home
Where deep thoughts await to be grown
Another world, out of sight
Only to be found within the night
Unconscious celestial wonder,
In time to be uncovered
Restful evenings like these eclipse the seams
Opening a portal to enter my dreams
Hidden behind the radiant sky,
Lies a sea of stars left forsaken,
the cosmos screeches an unheard cry
Citadel of sleeping creation
Track Name: Lectoblix - Mono No Aware
The smell of camphor in the dark
Her heart has bled dry
For days I've sought the cause
My fight is true
Bridges burn to light the way
Never have I yearned for something more
Luck be with me this day

Affront the spirit
Cinder ablaze
Ashen and Hesitant
Wearing vengeance upon my face

Here in the garden of ice
no one fears the snake
Sigh in the shadows of the setting sun
Obsidian encrusted face
Cautious of your every move
Watching over his dominion as does the nesting loon
Blanch at the azure gaze of the chosen one
For he holds the knowledge to set the world undone

Suppress the voices
Prevent regret
Broken yet immaculate
Displaying vigilance in you place
it's not too late
Track Name: Lectoblix - Fauna of Mirrors
Hidden away in a dense thicket
Long since overgrown and forgotten
Enshrouded by a fog of mystery and the brambles of passing time
Lies behind glass; a world imprisoned
A world unlike our own
Raising the death toll
Rebuilding an empire once shattered
Purveying loss to grant serenity
Wartime sorrows spread like fire
Can we prevent these monsters from wasting this kingdom
Would we care enough to try our hand at triumph
Or shall we fall

An image twisted in the mirror
Stare a bit longer to see clearer
Beasts of burden line the wall
Prepared to conquer at nightfall
This reign has had its chance
To fail is imminent
Becoming real again to take control
From a bastard son laying claim to rule