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This is my cover of the song Flames originally written and recorded by VAST and can be found on his 1998 debut album entitled Visual Audio Sensory Theatre.


released February 14, 2014

All instruments rearranged and recorded by Diem Exuro
Originally arranged and written by Jon Crosby


tags: metal Dayton



Lectoblix Dayton, Ohio

My music is a chronicling of a dreaming man's journey to wake up. His encounters and experiences therein cause an inner war between staying and leaving. Will he make up his mind before his time runs out?

Blixes are magical beings whom physically appear to be human and exhume power from others through a bite. Lectoblixes stay alive by sucking the youth from their hosts.
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Track Name: Flames (VAST cover)
Close your eyes
Let me touch you now
Let me give you something
That is real

Close the door
Leave your fears behind
Let me give you
What you're giving me

You are the only thing
That makes me want to live at all
When I am with you
There's no reason to pretend that
When I am with you
I feel flames again

Just put me inside you
I would never ever leave
Just put me inside you
I would never ever leave